Velux Window Types

We believe in supplying and fitting only the highest quality products and materials for every single project that we undertake. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us and for this reason we only supply and fit Velux products for loft conversions that require this type of roof window/opening.

Velux Windows

Velux has over 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of high quality roof windows making them our number one choice for this kind of product in the UK. There are a wide range of Velux loft conversion windows to choose from which can be perfectly suited to your individual requirements, budget and property type.

Some of the most popular window types are:

Centre Pivot Roof Windows

These are suitable for 15 to 90° roofs, are constructed from highly durable materials with a top control bar that has been created with ease of use in mind, even with furniture under the window.

Top Hung Roof Windows

These are suitable for 15 to 55° roofs and open outwards – from the top – to provide unobstructed views and a feeling of more space.

Combination Roof Windows

These are suitable for 15 to 55° roofs and are a popular choice when expanding window space by combining vertical and sloping windows.

Integra, Electric Roof Windows

These are suitable for all installations and are especially popular for use in out of reach areas. All models come with an inbuilt hidden motor and a fully programmable, stylish remote control.

Integra, Solar Roof Windows

These environmentally friendly electric windows are the ideal choice for out of reach places and also come with a fully programmable remote control. Smart rain sensors can be programmed to close and open windows when your are not at home.

Cabrio, Balcony Windows

This relatively new design looks like a normal roof window when closed but instantly transforms into a Juliet-type balcony when opened. This option provides the benefit of floor to ceiling windows with extra headroom and uninterrupted views.

Roof Terrace Windows

These windows open to a 45° angle and provide direct access to your roof terrace. These windows provide floor to ceiling views and will make even the smallest of loft conversions feel airy and spacious.

Velux Smoke Ventilation

These sensor operated windows are the perfect solution where smoke ventilation and building regulation compliance is required. They are suitable for both pitched and flat roofs with openings ranging from between 1 and 2 meters squared.

Conservation Roof Windows

This design option allows for the addition of modern, energy efficient windows to be added to properties where a traditional appearance is preferred or required.

Flat Roof Windows

The flat roof window design incorporates aesthetic quality with practicality to provide a stylish, modern feature to your loft conversion. This range comes in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes with options for fixed, electric or manual operation.

Velux Blinds

These stylish blinds are specifically designed for Velux windows and will be the perfect finishing touch to your loft conversion. Choices range from Venetian, Roller and Blackout blinds to Shutter and External Awning blinds.