Why Choose Loftworld for Slate Roof Repairs?

Why choose Loftworld for your slate roof repairs? We are experienced in expert slate roofing and will let you know exactly what is needed and what isn’t. Slate roof repairs are always best left to the experts. There are too many things that can go wrong if you hire a company or contractor who lacks experience.

Slate Roof Repairs by Loftworld Protects Your Investment

Slate roofing is an investment, but it is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. It will require occasional repairs (much like any roofing material). What an inexperienced or ill-intentioned contractor won’t tell you, is that it is rarely necessary to replace an entire slate roof. Loftworld will help to protect your slate by only doing slate repair work that is absolutely necessary. A slate roof that is properly made and maintained can last centuries- this is our goal at Loftworld.

Loftworld Uses the Right Materials for the Job

We understand every aspect of slate roofing from the basic elements of which it is made, to the best techniques for repair work. Our years of experience with slate roof repairs has taught us that the right materials are essential. We always match the slate to provide consistent colouring and durability. For example, slate that is too soft will be susceptible to hairline fractures and cracking. Also, we only use square cut iron, cut steel, hot dipped galvanised steel, or copper nails for slate repairs.

Loftworld Maintains Expert Slate Repair Practices

Loftworld understands how to replace cracked or damaged slates individually. We never use metal patchwork, roof cement or mastic. We understand that slate work can be damaged just by walking over it carelessly. We don’t use practices that can weaken your slate or add maintenance to it that is unnecessary, such as coating it. For standard repairs we use the ‘nail and bib’ and ‘slate hook’ techniques; we never nail through the exposed face of the slate (referred to as ‘face-nailing in the industry).

With professional maintenance and repair practices, you will be ensuring the longevity of your slate roof. At Loftworld, we have the talent and experience to advise you on what is needed and to help ensure the lifespan of your roof. For more information on any of our services, please contact Loftworld here.