Slate Roof Repair

slate roof repairs


Slate roofs are known for their durability and longevity, sometimes even lasting and out-doing the life span of some of the buildings they adorn.  As slate is an 100% pure stone, it is capable of dealing with the natural elements around it without easily wearing out or breaking.  They are even often recycled being sold on to another property long after the old one has fallen into disrepair and been demolished.  However, like all parts of your home, damage will occur and wear and tear will affect your slate roof.  This is where Loftworld can help, as we offer professional slate roof repairs.

Every part of our home requires care and ongoing maintenance in order to get the most out of it.  Complete slate roof repair cost and especially replacement, although worth the investment can be expensive and stressful.  Keeping up with maintenance then, can help to keep cost down and keep the quality and durability of your roof up to the mark.  For example, repairing or replacing tiles, puts less stress and strain on the other slate tiles and roofing around it when extreme weather conditions hit, as well as reducing the damage caused to other parts of the home due to an untreated leak.

Although slate tends to be grey in colour, there are variations of shades depending on where your slate roof supplies come from.  Our slate roof repair specialists can help you to find the slate tiles that best suit your property and the style already present, as they have a range of slate roofing supplies to choose from.

Rather than just conduct routine slate roof repairs to your property, we also recognise that prevention is better than cure.  By finding out what may be causing the wear and tear or damage of some of your tiles, we hope to help you and your property get the best out of any work our slate roof repair specialists will perform on your behalf.  We can do this as part of our slate roof repair, or as part of recommended checks conducted every six months.