Flat Roof Repair

flat roof repair

There are advantages and disadvantages to flat roofs on any building whether it be domestic or commercial.  Whereas the foremost advantage for the owner and architect is to be able to work with different shapes and styles that express the preference of the designer and needs of the landscape, there are many more practical advantages as well.

Flat roofs can be more cost-effective at the construction stage.  It requires less materials and time to apply a flat roof to a building than a pitched or apexed roof does. Another advantage to a flat roof is that it is more accessible than a sloped roof.  It is then possible to use your roof for a number of different things, from a garden space and retreat, to using it as a place to put machinery such as air conditioning units or solar panels.

However, as already mentioned the materials used are cost effective, but this is due to the fact they are usually less durable and more susceptible to damage. The shape of a flat roof can also be a disadvantage in that drainage is often a problem, and any water that accumulates can wear and rot the roof structure. Maintenance and repair is vital to the overall condition of a building.

In order to keep damage to a minimum, making regular checks is helpful.  Rather than waiting until there’s a more serious sign of damage, such as a leak or damp, you can then keep costs down and repairs to a minimum if the problem is found at its source.  For example, ponding and plant growth is a clear sign that your roof is not draining as efficiently as it should.

How can Loft World Ltd help?

We can provide flat roof repair service using materials that match your original roofing properties. However, if you wish to use more durable building materials, we offer a flat roof recovering service which offers you a number of different materials to choose from. We are sure to find a solution to any flat roof repair and flat roof maintenance needs.