Velux® Window Replacement

Along with the increasing popularity of loft conversations over the past few decades, there has also emerged the need to maintain these spaces. This specifically applies to the need to both replace and upgrade Velux windows. We work to match or exceed the quality of your existing conversation when we replace any loft windows to make sure you are fully satisfied with the finished look.

Whether your existing loft window is old or damaged, or whether you simply hunger after additional light, there are many reasons why a Velux window replacement would suit you. Perhaps you would like something more stylish or maybe increased energy efficiency within your loft has become more important to you.

General Services

At Loftworld, we cater to London and the whole of South East England. Not only do we offer window replacement services to those who are covered by the Velux product guarantee, but also those who are no longer covered. We offer complete replacements and installations, as well as re-glazing and maintenance services, and added security and safety. We can also provide sun tunnels, electrical opening systems, as well as blinds and other accessories. We have a range of Velux window types available.


If you find you have a damaged Velux window, you may need a total replacement. However, it may be possible to simply repair the damage instead, so complete replacement may not be necessary. Possible repair jobs that we tend to carry out include mechanical repairs (including locks, handles, and hinges), replacement motors for electric windows, replacement sashes (provided the frames are intact), and replacement glass (for example, if the unit has failed or become misted over time).


We guarantee that your installation will be carried out by fully trained technicians. We also make sure that you are supplied with full manufacturers’ guarantees.

If you have any questions about our loft repair and replacement services, or any of our other services, please get in touch by completing our online contact form.