Velux® Loft Conversions

At Loftworld, we provide Velux loft conversions, which are one of the most popular types of loft conversions due to the fact that it doesn’t require many changes to the roof and doesn’t have the need for planning permission. Also known as a Skylight or Roof Light loft conversion, our company has many years of experience both installing and servicing loft conversions throughout areas in London and the South East of England, including EnfieldBarnet, Essex and Hertfordshire.

The Basics

Most houses have lofts that are unused, or else they are simply places where you store old things and forget about them. To make the most of this space, a loft conversion turns this into a usable space, whether used as a storage space still, an additional bedroom, an office, or even a home gym. It’s likely that your loft space will be one of the brightest rooms in the house due to the angle of the windows, and the fact that they are less likely to face obstructions such as trees and other buildings. Despite this type of conversion lacking additional headroom, they are quick to complete and will cost less than conversions that require extensive building work.

About Velux Windows

In order to create a truly livable space, it is necessary to add Velux windows to the roof. We choose to install this type of window because they don’t jut out from the pitch of the roof as Dromers do, but instead keep in line with the existing angle of the roof to allow light to come in without impacting on the structure, so requiring less building work.

Window Choices 

There are many choices you can make when it comes to deciding exactly how you want your Velux window to be. Make your windows unique to your style with different finishes and opening options. We also provide a variety of blinds, which can be especially useful when planning to use the space as a bedroom, as well as for keeping the space both cool and well-insulated. There’s also the option of having electric windows, which enable you to close your windows with either a remote control or with a rain sensor.

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