Loft Conversions and Flats

With space at a premium and a shortage of affordable homes, many first time buyers aren’t in the market for a house when they make that all-important first home purchase.

This is where flats come in; living in a flat is a mixed bag when it comes to convenience and peace and quiet. Whilst some top floor flats are well soundproofed and can even have garden access, others aren’t and don’t.

However, the presence of a loft can be a deciding factor for many new homeowners; it suggests that there will be scope to extend upwards at a later date…perhaps to make room for a baby or simply to provide an extra room for use as an office or hobby room; even a second sitting room can be a fabulous addition when your flat is relatively small.

However; bear in mind that just because you have a loft, it might not necessarily mean that you can extend up into it.

There have been cases where freeholders have made enquiries into planning permission for loft extensions in their flats, informed the freeholder of their intentions only to be told that they in fact do not have any rights to the space because the freeholder owns it.

But I keep my things in the loft…surely I own it?

No. If the conditions of purchase do not specifically state your ownership then you may not have any rights over the space at all…even as a storage area.

This should all be considered before you purchase a flat with the intention of extending into the loft…make sure you know what your rights are and if you’re already the proud owner of a flat but aren’t sure what you can and can’t do, then seek legal advice as soon as possible.

How a loft conversion can improve your day-to-day life

Living in a flat as a single or couple is a far cry from living in one as a family…and yet millions of families do just that. Manage to get by whilst living in a small space and do so with style and ease.

There are of course many tricks and tips which you can take advantage of when it comes to making the most of the space which you do have available to you; from building cabin beds to hidden storage and sharing rooms where possible, but if you can possibly manage to finance a loft conversion then your life could be transformed.

Loft conversions not only provide an extra room but an extra floor; the change in lifestyle which this affords can’t be overestimated. It’s one thing having the ability to walk into another room for some peace and quiet but being able to go upstairs affords another level of privacy altogether which is vital when you live with small children or teenagers.

Your loft conversion could provide another bedroom or a second sitting room, perhaps one for adults or kids alone, allowing the residents to really begin to enjoy their own space.

Look into a loft conversion today and browse our gallery for inspiration.