Dormer Loft Conversions

A Dormer loft conversion sits somewhere between a Gable-End loft conversion and a Velux loft conversion. Minor changes are made to the roof in order to supply ample space, and you are also able to choose from a variety of different types of Dormer conversions.

How Does This Conversion Work?

Similar to a Velux loft conversion, a Dormer loft conversion implements windows into the design.  Rather than working with the pitch of the roof, the windows in this type of conversion angle out, facing 90 degrees to the floor. Small projections are made from the roof with boxes around them, allowing for more headroom. It is these boxes that are referred to as the Dormers. Although it is dependent on the property size, it is possible to fit up to two bedrooms and a bathroom with this type of conversion.

What Planning Permission Do You Need?

It is unlikely that you will need planning permission for a Dormer loft conversion as in most cases, they are allowed as a permitted development. However, if you have already had a few permitted developments on your home, or you live in an area with building restrictions, then you may require planning permission prior to beginning the building project.

What are the Benefits of This Conversion?

The major benefit of the Dormer loft conversion is how versatile it is, meaning that there are five different types that offer varying amounts of light into the space. These are as follows:

  1. Gable Dormers: The provide the largest amount of headroom and are popular at the front of houses, featuring a pitched roof over the Dormer for water to drain from.
  2. Shed Dormers: These tend to be grouped together and feature small flat roofs, which then angle downwards slightly to let water slide off.
  3. Hipped Dormers: These have the appearance of Gable Dormers, yet the front of the Dormer is also pitched.
  4. Eyebrow Dormers: The semi-circular or triangular shape of Eyebrow Dormers adds both light and character to your property. However, the headroom is not as much as alternative options, so it is recommended only if there is already a lot of headroom in the loft.
  5. Segmental Dormers: Again, these feature a similar design to the Gable Dormers, yet the roofs are curved as opposed to pitched.

If you would like to explore the options for your Dormer loft conversion in London or Essex, we will be pleased to make your dream a reality at Loftworld.