What Are The Different Types of Loft Conversions?

Loft conversions are a great investment because, not only do they add living space to an otherwise wasted part of your home, they also add value to the property. Unfortunately, though, loft conversions do not come cheap so you should bear in mind that astute planning and budgeting could potentially save you a small fortune.

There are several factors that determine the overall cost of your conversion, such as the age of your house, the existing space, the roof structure and, most predominantly, the type of conversion you have:


A Velux loft conversion is one of the most popular options because it is cost-effective, requires noticeably less construction work than other types of conversion and does not interfere with the roof of your house. By installing high quality Velux windows into your renovated loft space, there will be ample natural light and ventilation. More often than not, this type of conversion doesn’t need planning permission.


This is another common type of loft conversion and also doesn’t require planning permission. It refers to a structural extension which involves the building a wall that vertically projects from the existing sloping roof, increasing floor space and headroom inside your home. Although it tends to require more construction work than a Velux conversion, it will offer more practical space and there are still only minimal changes.


Also referred to as Hip to Gable, this type of loft conversion involves huge alterations to your roof but results in extensive additional space within your home. Since there are more vertical walls than the rooms in Velux or Dormer conversions, a Gable-End extension will be a lot easier to furnish.


This is the most effective option with regards to adding space to your home despite requiring a lot more construction work. By changing the sloping side of your roof to be almost vertical, the roof becomes flat, resulting in a spacious and luxurious additional room. Planning permission is normally necessary.

Any of the above loft conversions will no doubt benefit your family by providing extra room and increasing the value of your property. It will be a large project and will require careful planning and management, so make sure you are prepared as best you can.