Smart Loft Conversions

One of the most modern ways to improve the feel and function of your loft is to add smart features. The Internet of Things offers a huge range of options to bring your loft space up to date and give you remote control of your home. For tech-lovers, a loft conversion can be an opportunity to add smart home features to their rest of their house as well.

Smart Loft Windows

Velux windows have been remote controlled for a number of years, as well as including sensors to close when it’s raining. The Integra range comes with a pre-installed motor and just need to be plugged in to a power supply – once they’re properly installed, you can programme a schedule for windows to open or close and make sure that all of your loft windows are secure using a remote. If you’re eco-conscious, you may prefer the solar-powered versions.

You can also fit electric blinds, to control the natural light in your loft conversion at the touch of a button.

Smart Lighting

Whether you prefer a remote control or voice commands, smart lighting removes the need to check the light’s off before leaving the house or even walk to the bed in the dark at night. The latest generation of smart LED lights uses less electricity and gives off a variety of light colours (LIFX’s bulbs offer over a 1000 shades of white light alone).

Smart Plugs

Walking to the top of the house just to check if your hair straighteners are turned off can be inconvenient. Smart plugs avoid the need to go to rooms just to check that appliances have been turned off – you can just use your phone to turn them off without having to climb up at least two flights of stairs.

And Maybe Some Morning Coffee

If you can’t face the mornings without a good cup of coffee, you can even buy an alarm clock that will have it ready for you first thing when you wake up, with no need to walk down to the kitchen or start pouring it yourself. Not a bad way to start the day.