Period Living and Loft Conversions

If you live in a period property, then you may be feeling a little concerned about making structural changes to the building. Many homeowners worry about planning permission, about the look of the building being compromised and they also worry about spoiling the charm of their home.

Period properties are popular for a reason; they’re often very attractive and with lovely original features they do tend to attract people who enjoy more traditional aesthetics.

However, one fact cannot be ignored and that’s that many period properties are rather small. There are of course exceptions and if your period property is a large mansion or a generously proportioned farmhouse then you may not share the same concerns as someone who owns a small Victorian terrace or a rural cottage.

A loft conversion can be a wonderful way for homeowners to snatch back some space and the building and design can be done in a sympathetic fashion so that your home won’t be compromised in terms of its looks or its function.

What to Consider

Some period properties are subject to protection orders due to their special features and this can make it difficult to make changes to the building.

If you’re not certain about your home or its status as a conservation property, it is vital that you speak to your local council to find out. It may be that while your home is not subject to conservation orders, the area in which it is situated is…and this can also limit you in terms of structural changes.


If you have already ascertained that you are free to make changes to your home, then the only thing that might be worrying you is the style of the conversion.

It is more than possible to ensure that your loft conversion is in keeping with the rest of the property. Loft conversions today are well managed and planned so that you can have a say in every little detail, from the design of the windows to the fittings and fixtures.

Keeping things simple will always be a safe option if your budget isn’t large; plain and pretty will fit in which a period home far more readily than anything else and with suitable interior décor, your loft conversion will be absorbed into the rest of your period home seamlessly.

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