Nursery Loft Conversions

Attic spaces and babies aren’t usually coupled together; but when you’ve converted your loft into a beautiful, spacious and bright room with the potential for either an adjoining bedroom for the new parents, then it becomes the most natural pairing ever.

Loft conversions make great nurseries simply because you can choose exactly how you want your baby’s first ever bedroom to be in terms of storage, dimensions and fixtures and fittings.

A traditional nursery situated in a loft conversion is not only a wonderful place for your child to grow up during those first precious few years but also provides the perfect opportunity to ensure that you are always on-hand for your baby during that first tricky year.

Splitting your loft conversion into two separate rooms means that you’re able to move in next door to the baby and always be close by when it comes to feeding at night or just for those midnight cuddles.

Décor for Your Loft Conversion Nursery

In terms of décor for nurseries, it is always tempting to go down the cute road and have all manner of baby orientated murals, wallpaper and colours.

In fact, it is far more practical and more stylish to go for neutral, pale colours which can then act as a great base for your changing style.

Pale green, cream or yellow make good base colours for walls and from there you can choose any number of bright or printed soft furnishings and bedding which will appeal to a small child.

As your baby grows his or her tastes will alter…one week he or she will adore Postman Pat but the next week he’s history and it’s all about Superman or mermaids!

Keep things easy by sticking to non-character decorations and adjusting the little details as your child grows. It’s easy to frame a new poster when their tastes alter but not so easy to paint out an entire Fairy tale mural!

Knowing that your baby is moving into a brand new and very beautiful space is comforting for parents who might be concerned about damp or draughts; the knowledge that your child is the very first resident in a room is a rather special one.

You can acknowledge this with the addition of a height chart on the wall and with a beautiful sampler listing their date of birth and the date they arrived home for the first time.

Your child’s first nursery is a special place and a new loft conversion can ensure that it’s exactly the way you want it to be.

Why not take a look at our loft conversion case-studies to get some ideas for your very own?