How Long Does a Loft Conversion Take?

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It’s impossible to give a set timeframe for loft conversions in general as every loft conversion is different. How long it takes to complete your loft conversion depends on what kind of loft conversion you’re having, whether you require plumbing in the loft conversion, the materials used, the type of staircase you’d like to install, the number of rooms added to the loft conversion, the number of windows added, and a number of other factors. Since there are so many variables, these milestones and timings are only guidelines – if you would like set dates, please get in touch and we can discuss your specific loft conversion and let you know what sort of time frames would apply to your build.

Milestones and Timings

Generally, loft conversions take approximately 8 weeks (although the standard range is between 6 and 8 weeks):

Week 1:

  • Put up scaffolding
  • Receive the first materials for the build
  • Create an opening in the roof to gain access to the loft space

At this point, all building work will be taking place outside and in your loft, without needing to have access to the inside of your home.

Week 2:

  • Amend the structure of the roof
  • Add more support to the roof structure (if necessary)

Week 3:

  • Install floor joists in the loft space
  • Begin building the dormers (if you are having a dormer loft conversion)
  • Complete the external roof works (this will take longer if you are having a mansard or hip to gable loft conversion)
  • Begin work on the electrics and plumbing inside the loft space

Week 4:

  • Finish building the dormers (if relevant)
  • Build the loft floor
  • Install roof windows
  • Install insulation and ventilation
  • Install internal stud walls

Week 5:

  • Add plaster and plasterboard to the loft room walls
  • Break through to create an opening for the loft staircase
  • Install the new staircase

Week 6:

  • Plaster the staircase area
  • Complete electrics and plumbing
  • Hang doors
  • Install skirting
  • Add handrails and bannisters to staircase
  • Start decoration

Week 7:

  • Complete decoration
  • Clean and remove all waste

Week 8:

  • Complete all oustanding work and hand over