Home Gym Loft Conversions

Loft conversions have been growing in popularity for some years now with the most commonly cited reason for the build being the need for an extra bedroom. Other reasons we often hear include the need for a home office or for a playroom for children.

However, one growing trend is for a loft conversion being commissioned for the purpose of creating a home gym.

Home gyms aren’t just for the rich and famous and a loft conversion is the perfect spot for yours if you’ve long wanted your own work out area but lack the space to create it.

Of course it’s fun to visit the local gym and take part in classes but not everyone has the amount of time needed for that. When travel time is factored in, many people simply can’t manage it due to having to commute to work in the morning.

What better than your own dedicated gym at home? Many lofts are idea for gyms because they tend to be larger than an average room and couple that with the fact that they are out of the way of the rest of the household, you’ve got the perfect place in which to work up a sweat.

Dumbbells and other small pieces of equipment can be stored in stylish pigeon holes or even hang from hooks; the point to remember is that you need as much floor space free for the larger workout equipment as possible so keep cupboards to a minimum.

Once your home gym is completed you can use it at your leisure and anti-social timing won’t matter because you won’t be disturbing anyone.

You can even consider having a shower room installed in your home gym; it’s possible to plumb most loft conversions and a dedicated shower room in your gym will take it from a special place to a luxurious place.