Creating the Perfect Hobby Room in your Loft Conversion

A hobby room is something many people dream of; who wouldn’t want a dedicated space for their passion?

If you’re in the market for a loft conversion but don’t need an office or an extra bedroom, then you’re in a great position to consider investing and taking advantage of that extra space to indulge in your hobby.

A loft conversion can really bump up the value of a property so if you’ve wanted a hobby room for a while but are being cautious because it feels like a luxury then think again!

Your hobby room will be actively adding to your future; people want houses with loft conversions; it’s a real selling point and if you do sell up at any point in the future then you’ll be ahead of the game.

What to Consider When Planning

When deciding on the features which your hobby room will include, don’t forget that it’s a good idea to ensure the room is versatile. You, or indeed future owners may need to use that room as an extra bedroom at some point so do consider including an ensuite in your design.

A neat ensuite need not take up much space but will be worth its weight in gold if you change the use of the room later.

Loft Storage

Depending on your hobby, you will need a good amount of built-in storage. Storage which is integral to the room serves two purposes; one, it keeps wasted space to a minimum and two it looks stylish.

Built in shelves and cupboard may also be used for wardrobes and linen storage if you do give over your hobby room in the future.


Do choose hard flooring for your hobby room. It’s easy to clean, keeps dust mites at bay and it doesn’t date or get worn.

Once again, if your hobby room does become a spare bedroom in the future, it’s simple enough to add inexpensive rugs as a softening treatment.

Your loft conversion will provide a great opportunity to not only increase the value of your home but also to indulge in your passion in a beautiful, comfortable space.