A Small Loft Can Provide an Extra Bathroom

One bathroom per household will never seem like enough; even for smaller households, the bathroom can be a real bone of contention when it comes to its equal usage.
Add teenagers and children to the mix and you’ve got a real recipe for disaster. From complaints about the length of time people spend in there to complaints about the mess younger family members can create, it’s never easy sharing.
If you’ve got even a small loft space which isn’t in use, then you could benefit from a loft conversion to provide your family with that extra bathroom they so crave.
Even low, slanted ceilings aren’t an issue in small loft spaces because baths can be tucked in underneath them…indeed pitched roofs add tonnes of charm to a bathroom, especially in a period home where you can design the bathroom to fit in with the rest of the home’s décor.
Pale colours and plenty of large mirrors will reflect the light around the space meaning even the tiniest of converted lofts can feel like a luxurious space.
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