5 Creative Uses for Loft Spaces

If you’re in the market for a loft conversion, then it’s likely that you’ve been weighing up the different options when it comes to the purpose of the new room you’re adding to your home.

The beauty of loft conversions is that they’re very versatile, meaning you can add any type of room that you desire to your home and create added value too.

For those of you who are wondering what the best, most creative uses of the extra space which loft conversions can provide, here is a comprehensive list of ideas.

  1. Games room: A games room is the ultimate in fun and luxury. Having a room entirely dedicated to fun and games is a great way to lift the spirits and makes for a brilliant social area whether you’ve got children or not. In addition to a gaming set up, you can add comfortable gaming chairs for those video game enthusiasts and perhaps a ping pong or pool table for those who are more interactive about their fun. Wall to wall shelving makes great storage for board games and magazines and books will add another element. Teenagers can socialise in the games room and adults can enjoy some down-time too.
  2. An art studio: For those artistically inclined among us, attics make perfect studios because the light on offer is usually superior to any other room in the house. Keep things plain and simple, perhaps have some exposed brick on view for a real studio feel to the space. Integral storage for equipment and paints is a good plan because the idea of an art studio is that the room is free of clutter and furniture, meaning that there is more space on offer for easels and other bulky equipment.
  1. An extra sitting room: An extra sitting room, with all of the comforts of home is a great idea for larger families. Providing another area for sitting and watching TV or reading can really ease tensions in any busy household.
  2. A home office: Whether you work from home or not, a home office can be a great purpose for any loft conversion. Providing a quiet place from which paperwork may be dealt with, best-selling novels written or homework completed, is a brilliant way to manage the more mundane but necessary tasks.
  3. A toy room/playroom: If you’ve got children then you will be only too aware of how quickly their toys can clutter up your main living areas. Train tracks in your sitting room and doll’s houses in your conservatory do not a stylish home make. A dedicated are where children can express themselves and store their toys as well as entertain their friends is a wonderful way to utilise that empty void.

Whatever you choose to use your loft space for, remember that you can always change your mind at a later date when your family’s needs change. A toy room can quickly be altered to provide a spare bedroom and an office can soon be adjusted to offer up a granny-flat.

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