Increased Daylight in Loft Conversions

Daylight has an amazing number of health benefits that are taken for granted by most people – it’s not until you have to rely heavily on synthetic lights that you realise how much we need natural daylight.

Exposure to sunlight throughout the day stimulates cortisol levels (keeping you awake, alert, and improving memory) and represses melatonin (which is associated with sleep onset). Waking up to sunlight and being exposed to it throughout the day improves mood, reinforces sleep cycles, and even improves production of vitamin D.

The Velux Model Home 2020 and Healthy Homes Barometer worked together to find out more about people’s well-being at home. The experiments found that occupants of homes with a lot of access to fresh air and natural sunlight rated both extremely positively when it came to the effects on their mental and psychological well-being. The same occupants were also not aware of the huge benefits daylight offers until they experienced different levels in the experiment.

Improve Your Indoor Climate

The experiment showed that people are very optimistic about their indoor climate, and do not realise the improvements they could make until they experience them. A lot of our clients are pleasantly surprised by how light and airy loft conversions feel, and often move their own bedrooms there rather than using the additional room for guests.

There are three different indicators of housing well-being; affect, cognition, and behaviour. Increased daylight improves all three of these, by improving perception, reducing stress, improving the aesthetics and even functionality of the rooms, and creating behavioural changes. Those changes could be anything from using the room more, reducing the energy consumption of that room, or interacting more in that space.

35% if Europeans currently rank the indoor air quality and amount of daylight as ‘very important’ when moving to a new house. Loft conversions can improve both without the need to move elsewhere.

Indoor Environment in Loft Conversions

Loft conversions let in a surprising amount of light, and can be quite bright compared to the rest of the house. This is partially because there are fewer buildings, trees, and structures blocking light at the top of your house, so more light is let it. It’s also because Velux windows tend to face upwards rather than outwards, letting in more direct light.

This sort of environment is ideal for nurseries, children’s rooms, and bedrooms for people with insomnia. In the summer months, the room may not be dark until much later than desired, so we recommend black out blinds for your Velux windows to let you sleep in complete darkness.