Creating Space with a Loft Conversion

Loft conversions can add up to 30% more space to your home – they offer a huge variety of options and are essentially a blank slate to create the space that you and your family need.

Conversions can be so spacious that they can be turned into fully-contained flats, whether to house adult children who need more privacy or even lodgers if you would like to make some money from your loft conversion and contribute towards your mortgage with a passive income.

The amount of space that you can ultimately create depends on your home’s footprint, the pitch of your roof, and the type of loft conversion that you create.

Your Footprint

The majority of lofts just follow the same size and shape of the house, so you are adding another storey to the home. Items such as the water tank can intrude on the area in your loft conversion, and the pitch of you roof also determines how much of this floor space is actually usable.

Creating Usable Floor Space

Unfortunately, the edges of a loft conversion aren’t necessarily usable because of the pitch of the roof, which creates very narrow spaces around the edges of the room. These are typically ‘cut’ off with a wall or doors for a cupboard so you can use the area for storage without having to find ways to furnish or clean it.

The Most Spacious Loft Conversions

The trick to making spacious loft conversions is creating enough head space to make as much of the floor usable as possible. Mansard loft conversions offer the most usable floor space of all the conversion types since they open up the ceiling altogether to create a more conventional ‘square’ space in the room. Velux loft conversions offer the least, since they do not affect the roof at all and you only have the usable floor space the loft already has.