Loft Access

Loft access is a very important consideration when planning a conversion project. The type / intended use of the loft, the property and space restrictions all play a major part in determining the design of the loft access. Two of the most important aspects determining the type of access to be installed are – who will be using it? and, what will the loft ultimately be used for.

Loft Access Regulations

There are always certain regulations that have to be taken into account with any new constructions. The installation of a permanent staircase is one such regulation when planning a Study, Bedroom, Playroom or Bathroom loft conversion.

Plans – Our architectural plans will clearly show and explain the proposed loft layout including the location and dimensions of the loft access. Any changes to the design of the loft access or loft space after the plans have been approved may necessitate further plan approval before work can commence.

Lighting – The minimum requirement for all enclosed staircase loft access is electrical lighting with on and off switches situated at the bottom and top of the structure. In some cases it is possible to position loft, and or, wall windows to provide additional natural light in the area however electrical lighting will still need to be installed.

Buildings / Loft access regulations vary by county. If you are concerned about or require any further information on loft access regulations in your area contact a member of our team and we will be happy to advise you further.

Staircase Construction

loft conversion access

When opting for a static staircase we can construct on or off-site depending on how much space there is in the general area of the proposed staircase. Where space is at a premium we will construct the entire staircase on-site to ensure that it fits perfectly into the required space and fully adheres to the plans and regulations in force.

Were possible we will construct staircases off-site which can reduce both the time and cost of the overall project.

Loft Access Minimum Requirements

Meeting the minimum requirement for loft access will provide access which resembles a fixed ladder however the spiral or helical staircase option offers a more practical and attractive alternative where space is at a premium.

If the new space is to be used at any time by the elderly or infirm we strongly advise against the installation of the minimum requirement fixed ladder access option for general health reasons and especially in the case of emergencies.