Loft Conversion Lighting Options

It’s important to consider your lighting options when building a loft conversion – complete control over the space means that you can decide where every light goes and even where your light switches are located.

Loft conversions typically get a lot of natural light, especially if they have Velux windows, since the windows have fewer obstructions (such as trees or other buildings) and upwards-facing windows let in more sunlight. However, you will need to ensure that your conversion rooms are properly lit at night as well to prevent them from becoming gloomy in the winter months.

Wall Lamps and Table Lights

These are a favourite for bedroom loft conversions – you can add sockets and switches to the perfect location either side of the bed to give you control over your lighting options without having to get up. We recommend that these are only used in conjunction with another lighting type, rather than the only way that you light your loft conversion.

LED Downlights

Downlights and spotlights are a favourite for loft conversions – they take up no space in the room itself (unlike conventional ceiling lights) and you can install them on any surface, making them perfect for adding to a pitched roof. They’re also energy efficient and come in a wide range of different shades and colours so you can choose your perfect tone of white light or even coloured lights.

We typically install LED spotlights in both the main room in the loft conversion (whether that’s a bedroom, home office, or hobby room) and similar lights in the bathroom, since they’re so versatile.

Conventional Ceiling Lights

Conventional lights often don’t work in loft conversions because of the pitched roof. However, you can sometimes install them in a Mansard loft conversion or conversions where you have generous head space.