How to Prepare for a Loft Conversion

While the majority of work during a loft conversion will not affect life inside your home, it’s best to prepare to avoid delays and disruption to the work. Here are a few simple things that you can do to prepare your home for a loft conversion, which largely consist of emptying spaces that the loft conversion will affect.

Clear Out Your Loft

Most lofts have a few boxes of Christmas decorations or suitcases stored out of the way – it’s important to clear the space ready for work to start. You will only need to put them somewhere else for the weeks that it takes to convert your loft – the majority of conversions are built with storage to make sure that you don’t lose space in the rest of your home. Many homeowners don’t realise that they have items in the loft because they were left by the previous owners, so it’s important to check the space even if you haven’t ever been in there.

Make Room for Your Loft Stairs

The only other part of your home that will definitely be affected by a loft conversion will be the space for the loft stairs. Before work begins, it’s best to clear out that space as much as possible – if it’s a in a room that you don’t use much, we also recommend covering the remaining furniture with sheets. The knock through can create dust, so sheets will make it easier to clean the room afterwards.

Create Space for Your Water Tank (If Necessary)

In some instances, a loft conversion involves moving the water tank elsewhere in the house. If yours is affected by the loft conversion work, make sure the space is ready for it. You should have the dimensions of your tank and will know exactly how much room you need to create.

If there is any additional preparation necessary for your particular loft conversion, we will let you know in advance so that you can be ready before the start date.