Velux Loft Conversion, Barnet


Ellen was becoming increasingly frustrated with her inability to relax (as many teenagers do) due to a busy household with younger children constantly wanting to play with her. Ellen’s parents decided to invest in a loft conversion and this is the result:

Bedroom 1

Our remit for this particular family was initially to create an additional bedroom for their eldest daughter Ellen as she required her own space for relaxation and study time.

After consultation with the family we all agreed the addition of an en-suite bathroom (pictured below) would increase overall value of the property and give Ellen much more freedom.
En-Suite Loft Conversion Addition

Ellen is now the proud owner of her own bedroom and bathroom and has the space that she needs, and many other teenagers require, to feel a little more independent and relaxed. The whole family love the loft conversion and Ellen is now the envy of many of her friends.



Loft Conversion Case Studies

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