Loft Conversions London

London has the smallest properties in Europe (and some of the most expensive) so it makes sense to use space as efficiently as possible. However, a huge number of London homeowners are wasting a third of their living space by not converting and using their lofts.

The Cost of Converting vs. Moving in London

The average cost of moving house rose to around £12,000 earlier this year. Most London homes are beyond the stamp duty threshold, which instantly adds around £10,000 to the cost of moving home, while solicitor fees and removal companies add yet more to the cost.

A loft conversion can cost upwards of £15,000, and the cost depends largely on the type of loft conversion you’re building, the materials, and the size of the addition. This means that building a loft conversion can actually be be cheaper than moving house, without the hassle or changing commutes or packing up everything you own!

However, a conversion isn’t just a sunk cost. It can add a huge amount onto the value of your house when you do actually come to sell. The latest Nationwide survey showed that you can add up to £37,000 onto the value of your home with a high quality conversion.

Planning Permission in London

You may be able to build your loft conversion without having to apply for planning permission. Velux and dormer loft conversions, in particular, can usually be built as permitted developments, which means that you don’t need to go through the costly and time-consuming process of getting planning consent.

Due to the lack of housing stock in London, there are more and more schemes to make it easier to expand and build in the city. The latest proposal is to allow people to build up to the size of their neighbouring buildings without planning permission, which means that even if you need to make extensive external changes to your home you may not need planning permission if the surrounding buildings are already taller than you.

We are partnered with RIBA accredited architects in London, who are ready to provide support and advice to ensure that you have the right permissions to build and your loft conversion is beautifully designed to help you and your family make the most of the additional space.

Local Knowledge and Experience

Loftworld have been building loft conversions in and around London for over a decade. We have worked across all of London’s 33 boroughs and have local teams who have extensive experience in each area. We apply that local knowledge and experience to every single build to ensure that your loft conversion is completed quickly and to the high standards our clients expect.

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