How an Eco-Friendly Loft Conversion Can Help You Save Money

March 29, 2017 9:48 am

If you want to take the right steps in becoming more environmentally friendly, why not start with your new loft conversion? In doing so, you’ll discover that by helping to save the planet, you will also save money. In some cases, you might even notice an improvement with your health.

With smart planning and the right materials, you could end up with a stylish, eco-friendly loft and reduced energy bills. Follow our useful tips below to help get you started.

Timber Walls

The easiest way to ensure your loft is eco-friendly is by using sustainable materials throughout construction. For example, using timber walls as an alternative to concrete or brick will improve and maintain good quality air, as well as providing superb insulation. Wood is also a cheaper option.

Recycled Roof Tiles

With regards to your roof, you should try to reuse the tiles you already have, or perhaps consider recycled shingles.

Quality Insulation

Insulation in an eco-friendly loft is also typically made from natural, sustainable materials such as cork or sheep’s wool. It ensures the heat in your home doesn’t escape and prevents drafts.

Double or Triple Glazing

Double or triple glazed windows are another great insulation technique as they keep the heat in, consequently helping you save money on heating bills.

Low Energy Lighting

Using low energy LED bulbs that last a lot longer than regular bulbs will reduce your electricity bills further.

Solar Panels

During the planning stages of your loft conversion, you should also ask your contractors if they can install solar panels, so that you can take advantages of nature’s most powerful, albeit free resources to provide your hot water and electricity.

No matter what your environmental concerns, there will always be steps to take in creating an eco-friendly loft conversion, simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills.

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