4 Tips for Keeping Your Loft Conversion Cool in Summer

March 16, 2017 5:01 pm

During the planning stages of your new loft conversion, you must contemplate how the weather outside might affect the level of comfort inside, so that you are well prepared no matter what the time of year. Heat is known to rise and this could mean that your newly converted loft is typically warmer than the rest of the house. Taking the time to make sure your loft stays cool and adequately ventilated, even in the summer months, will guarantee a more comfortable living environment and reduce the possibility future repairs. Here are four helpful ways you can ensure your loft stays cool during summer:

  1. Sun Screen

If you have a Velux window in your loft conversions it will likely become unpleasantly warm when the sun is shining. We would recommend installing a sun screen or blinds over the window that you can adjust as necessary to ensure the room doesn’t get too hot.

  1. Ventilation

A well ventilated room allows the air in the room to circulate freely, preventing it from becoming too humid. Ventilation flaps are great because they can be set on a timer to open at specific times of the day to welcome some fresh air into the room, without needing to open a window.

  1. Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is an obvious solution to cooling down a warm room, however; it is typically not very good for the environment. By installing a solar powered air conditioning unit, you can decrease the temperature in your loft without having too much of an impact on your carbon footprint.

  1. Insulation

Sufficient insulation in your home not only stops heat escaping in the winter, but also prevents heat from building up during summer. Your personal requirements and your budget will determine what type of insulation you opt for, but you won’t have trouble deciding if you seek professional advice.

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