How to Make the Most of Your Loft Conversion

February 16, 2017 10:00 am

Fashioning additional living space in your loft is a great way to take advantage of your home’s square footage. For most people, extending into the loft is a pragmatic option driven by a growing family or the need for office space. Whatever the reason behind it, rising property prices make loft conversions a more attractive option than moving house.

However, with their awkward slanted ceilings and unconventional layouts, there’s no denying that loft conversions can be tricky to furnish and decorate. Not every last inch in your home can be perfect and if you want to make the most of your fresh new space, you will have to address these difficulties with an open mind. With a little bit of imagination and our top tips, we are sure you will find the solution.

  • Natural Light

One way to avoid the claustrophobic feeling often unmistakable in loft conversions is to incorporate glass features, which produce an illusion of space. By drawing more natural light into the room from the outside, you will create the impression of a more expansive loft. Glass elements will also allow you to make the most of the surrounding views.

  • Wall Shelves

Rather than using a bedside cabinet or a bookcase, which take up a lot of unnecessary floor space, consider putting up wall shelves to limit the amount of bulky furniture in the room.

  • Customised Furniture

Although a little more expensive, customised furniture is more accommodating to your unique requirements. With thoughtful design, you can ensure that no space is left to waste, by fitting storage or shelves below the beams and inside all of the little nooks and crannies.

  • White Paint

White paint is often a no-go for families with young children for fear it will be coated in small sticky hand prints and crayon art work. However, in a room where space is limited, white is a great colour choice because it reflects light and brightens up the space. This will remove any impression of oppressiveness in the new room.

  • Mirrors

Just like white paint and natural light, correctly placed mirrors can also create an illusion of space in your loft room.

  • Solar Panels

Since you’re already making changes to your roof, there’s no better time to consider solar panels. They are a great investment, because they could reduce your electricity bill in the long term.

Loft conversions aren’t the cheapest investments, so it’s important that you make the most of the space, in turn making the most of your money. This will require sensible planning and a touch of creativity but we’re sure it will be worth it in the long run.

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