New House Resolutions in 2017

January 3, 2017 10:41 am

Almost everybody starts the year with New Year’s resolutions – planning to lose weight, achieve goals, or just spend some more time with friends in the next 12 months. The truth is, most of us never manage to really achieve those goals, either because they were a bit unrealistic or life gets in the way. A great way to help you with them is to change your environment.

Build a Home Gym

If you’re one of the many people who’d like to lose weight in 2017, a gym is probably the first place to start. Instead of spending money on a membership and making yourself go – which is particularly tough after a long day at work or when the weather’s great – you can create a gym at home. Building a home gym in your loft takes away a huge number of the barriers to going and can help motivate you to lose weight more easily.

Have Family and Friends Over

It’s hard to see family and friends as much as you’d like when there’s nowhere for them to stay over or the house is just too cramped for company. Converting your loft gives you a huge range of options for entertaining or just giving guests a place to stay – you could build a guest room, a home cinema, a games room, or even a home spa where you can relax with your friends.

Dedicate More Time to Your Hobby

If you’d like to progress in your hobby – whether that’s getting to the next grade with a music instrument or making your first ever quilt – it makes sense to have a dedicated space where you can practice and create. Building a hobby room is probably one of the easier loft conversions, since there is no need for additional plumbing or privacy concerns. You can just add a room and create a small sanctuary in your home.

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