What Type of Room Do You Want?

December 18, 2016 10:43 am

44% of people have changed rooms in their homes from the intended use to something else completely different, according to a survey completed by GoCompare. Home offices are the most popular type of room, but people are also creating libraries, gyms, and art studios in their homes either by turning ‘spare’ rooms into something a bit different or even converting bedrooms, lofts, and dining rooms into something that fits their lifestyle better.

Guest bedrooms are dropping in popularity across the country, as more and more people use these ‘spare’ bedrooms as a permanent place to work, practice a hobby, or store things and ask guests to stay on the sofa or a camping bed.

The ten most popular changes of room use are creating a home office (32%), a junk room (25%), laundry room (13%), computer gaming room (12%), hobby workshop, library (8%), collection room (6%), playroom (6%), gym (6%), or even an art studio (5%).

Given the increased cost of moving, people are looking for other ways to increase the amount of space in their homes and to just make sure that their house suits their lifestyle. Between solicitor fees, moving fees, and stamp duty, it is often best to improve your home through loft conversions, garage conversions, and house extensions rather than trying to find a bigger place. Particularly since the difference between a 2-bed property and a 3-bed property in London is often over £100,000 – considerably more than the cost of any of the conversions listed above!

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