How to Choose a Loft Conversion Type

December 3, 2016 10:41 am

With any home improvement, there are decisions to be made. If you’re fitting a kitchen, you need to choose the colour and design, with a new bathroom you need to decide what goes where and whether you want a separate shower and bath or both together, and with a loft conversion it’s no different. There are a number of different types of loft conversion, and deciding which is right for you is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make – it defines how much space you have in your conversion, whether you need planning permission, and even how long it will take to build.

If You Need a Lot of Space

Mansard loft conversions offer the most space – they open up the entire side of the roof so the rooms are more square. This means that you have more usable floor space and it doesn’t even feel like a loft conversion room. If space is your primary concern, Mansard loft conversions are the best type for you.

If You Want It Built Quickly

If you’re on a tight deadline – perhaps with a baby on the way or a special event you’d like the loft to be ready for – Velux loft conversions are generally the fastest to build. They don’t make extensive changes to the roof itself, so they can be built more quickly than Hip to Gable or Mansard conversions. They also rarely require planning permission, which also cuts down the time it takes from design to completion.

If You’re on a Tight Budget

If money is a primary concern, Velux loft conversions are also a good option for you. Because this type of loft conversion works with the existing lines of the roof and only adds windows, it is generally cheaper to build.

If You Want Impressive Rooms

Mansard conversions are what you should choose if you’d like a loft that really wows people – the angles of the roof make for more generous rooms and you have considerably more options on how to decorate or arrange the space since there is more usable floor space available.



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