Create Your Own Contemporary Loft Bathroom

November 6, 2016 1:53 pm


When creating a bathroom design for a loft conversion there are many considerations to address. With a little know-how you can easily design a bathroom that not only has the wow factor but is also practical and a joy to use.

Focal Points

Most rooms have a centre piece. The dining room has a table, many front rooms have a coffee table and now many modern kitchens have an island. A contemporary bathroom is no different.

When installing a bath into a loft conversion it should ideally be situated in the centre of the space, away from any walls or other furniture. Draw footed roll top baths are ideal for creating the contemporary look as are steel or deep wooden tubs. Stylish taps are a must for the bath and sink / basin – taps that emerge directly from the wall or floor are extremely stylish and a very popular choice.

Simplicity is Key

Over complicated designs can make a bathroom look too “busy” and detract from the main focal points of the room. By keeping flooring and wall coverings as simple as possible you will accentuate the main elements of the room. The use of polished concrete or plain tiles, dark wood, stained or painted floorboards will achieve the desired effect.

Stylish Shower

As with the taps, a shower that protrudes directly from the wall or ceiling is very desirable. Floor standing showers will offer the same effect and will subtly compete with the bath for the wow factor.

When opting for a bathroom or any other form of loft conversion an experienced loft conversion installation company will happily offer you a wide variety of design ideas if you are unsure of exactly what you need or just aren’t really design minded. If you have a design in mind, put your ideas to the loft Conversion Company and they will be happy to incorporate as much of the design as possible into the newly created space and will very often provide extra ideas that you hadn’t even thought of.

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