5 Myths About Loft Conversions You Need To Know

September 26, 2016 9:15 am

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There are many myths surrounding loft conversions.  Here are five of our top loft conversion myths for you to consider.

Myth 1: It’s Too Difficult To Get Planning Permissions For A Loft Conversion

This is a dated view that no longer holds merit, thanks to new planning rules that make it easier than ever to build a loft conversion.  In July, George Osborne announced planning changes which remove some of the barriers to loft conversions and in many cases remove the need to request planning permission at all.  Furthermore, local authorities who drag their feet and fail to make decisions on time will be at risk of being fined.

Myth 2: Loft Conversions Aren’t Worth The Financial Investment

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First of all, lofts need to be well constructed by experts who have experience in the field.  That said, the average value of a home can be increased by over £20,000.00 when a loft is converted well. This can provide a return on investment (ROI) of approximately 200%.  The fact is that converting your loft is well worth the investment.

Myth 3: Loft Conversions Are A Drain On The Environment

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This is an ancient myth that needs to be dispelled.  There are so many options for green building design today that you are spoilt for choice.  These are not costly, extensive changes, but simple decisions such as proper insulation with organic, non hazardous materials and choosing timber from sustainably-managed forests.  At Loftworld, we can help show you the most environmentally friendly options including ones that will save you money without requiring a large investment.

Myth 4: Lofts Don’t Provide Enough Light

In fact the exact opposite is true here.  Lofts provide you with all of the light you need and more, especially with certain types of conversions such as Velux Loft Conversions.  Velux windows let in twice as much light as standard windows because of the pitch angle of the roof.

Myth 5: It’s Easier To Move Than To Build A Loft Conversion

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In the UK, housing prices continue to rise, due to inflation, home owners concerns about the mansion tax and stagnancy due to the upcoming election.  This makes searching for a new home expensive as well as difficult.  For people who are moving, there is stamp duty, removals fees, and the cost of surveyors and an estate agent to consider.  An article in The Telegraph this month has reported that moving costs have risen by 59% in the last decade.  The fact is, it’s simpler and more cost effective to build a loft conversion than to move house.

The conclusion here is not to believe everything you hear about loft conversions.  Instead, why not ask an expert?  For more information on building a loft conversion, contact Loftworld today.

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