Why Homes with Loft Conversions are a Must-Have for Buyers

May 20, 2016 9:39 am

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The property market is moving fast in the UK. House prices are high and buyers are seeking out homes which have the most in terms of space as well as the most value for money.

People realise that moving in order to upsize is just not as possible as it once was and they want to know that if their family grows, they will have enough room. It’s a basic need!

There’s also wariness when it comes to houses with potential but many buyers aren’t interested in organising that potential themselves…they want it ready-made.

A new house is a huge investment and buyers can be put off by taking on projects which could cost a lot in the future…offering a house which is already living up to its potential is a good idea and this is why you should consider that loft conversion now. Doing this will ensure that you will benefit from a larger home as well as a home which in the future, will be more attractive to buyers.

Worried About Upheaval?

Many homeowners get overwhelmed when considering a loft conversion; they have concerns about noise, about mess and about upsetting their neighbours while work is ongoing but be aware that loft conversions are actually very simple to carry out.

Some don’t even require planning permission and can be complete within a few short weeks with minimal mess and noise.

Check out the gallery over at Loftworld to see what you’re missing!


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