The Freedom of a Loft Conversion

May 12, 2016 9:35 am

For many people, deciding that a loft conversion is in order is something which comes of necessity. A growing family or a small home and no option to move can often be the deciding factors in making the decision to convert a loft.

As house prices continue to rise, a growing number of homeowners are finding that it makes better financial sense to stay put than to upsize. Adding a loft conversion can not only increase the capacity of your home but also significantly add to its value.

It’s easy to think that once you’ve converted your attic into a third or fourth bedroom that the story ends there…but this is not the case.

Whilst your children or teenagers are young, they will of course need plenty of space; perhaps a bedroom each and this may be the reason you’ve been researching loft conversions…but remember, not only will you still have that space for years to come, you will also find that you have choices regarding its use and in years to come it could be converted to an office, a hobby room or even into a room for a lodger.

Adding to the value and the practicality of your home with a loft conversion isn’t only sensible, but it’s also exciting as you begin to consider the many uses which that extra space could be put to.

Some of the most popular uses for a new loft conversion are as follows.

  • Extra bedroom for a child
  • Office
  • Spare bedroom for regular visitors
  • Hobby room or studio
  • Second sitting room

Your loft could hold the key to not only releasing more value from your home but also a more peaceful home life as all occupants are able to benefit from the new space either directly or indirectly.

Learn more about the potential of loft conversions over at Loftworld’s gallery.

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