Loft Conversions and Scandinavian Style

April 15, 2016 9:13 am

Scandinavian style

What is Scandinavian style exactly? It’s usually recognised as the simple, functional and beautiful design trends associated with the five Nordic countries, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland which first began to garner worldwide attention in the 1950s.

Often characterised by soft colour tones and spare silhouettes using natural materials such as wood, leather, hemp and some metals, the overall look tends to be extremely stylish and while simple, it is also homely and comfortable. Fabrics usually consist of wool, cotton and the afore mentioned hemp and there is a definite leaning towards a lack of man-made materials in general.

For loft conversions, the Scandinavian style is a wonderful choice because it works well in spaces of all sizes. In smaller rooms, the pale colours make the most of the available light and create a feeling of space whilst in larger rooms, there are plenty of soft furnishings and textures to stop the area from looking too vast.

If you fancy this look for your loft conversion, there are a few basics which you will need to include in your design list which will make your overall look come together.

Pale colours rule

Firstly, remember that pale and light is the way to go. This is because the Scandinavian countries have extremely long, dark winters so choosing light colourways is a good tactic for cheering a place up and combating those gloomy evenings.

Painted white floorboards is a good way to begin and when you team this with dove grey walls, you’re halfway there! Together, this combination will make the room seem light, clean and airy. If you’re not keen on painted floorboards then choose a pale wood or if you simply must have carpet, a cream colour is the best option.

Tonal Colours

For your soft furnishings, pictures and furniture it’s important to select a very minimalist palette. A little black teamed with different shades of grey or beige works beautifully especially if you add a very small amount of complimentary red or blue which will lift the monochrome room.


Lighting in a Scandinavian styled room should be plentiful but plain. White shades on lamps will maximise your lighting and when the dark months do draw in, your room will appear warm and cosy despite its neutral colours.

Soft furnishings

Luckily it’s very easy to find beautiful Scandinavian print fabrics and they’re quite often very affordable too. Have plenty of cushions and throws available in a Scandinavian styled room as their presence will soften the strong look and make it seem more inviting.

Rugs can be natural fibres such as wool or cotton and again, they shouldn’t be too brightly coloured. Grey, white and shades of beige are perfect choices for rugs and if you have chosen wooden flooring then they serve to soften the impact.

Loft conversions are ideal for the Scandinavian look because of the slightly unusual dimensions which are often part and parcel of these rooms and the best part of this style is that it looks wonderful summer and winter alike.

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