Why Loft Conversions are Best for Adding Value to your Property

March 14, 2016 2:36 pm

When it comes to property prices, we all know that extending your home leads to an increase in its value. It stands to reason that a house with four bedrooms situated in an area with a proliferation of three bed properties, will not only stand out to prospective buyers but also cost more.

With this in mind, many homeowners are beginning to realise that extending out is not as effective as extending up due to the difference in price between extensions and loft conversions and they’re queuing up to make sure that their property is included in the boom.

Loft conversions aren’t only fantastic due to the fact that they do not often require planning permission but they also cost less. They’re faster to complete and they add to the character and beauty of a home more readily than a traditional extension.

With a wide range of loft conversion styles to choose from, property owners are realising that they can secure another bedroom and potentially another bathroom for their home whilst retaining the integrity of the original style.

Even Victorian and Edwardian houses can look fabulous with the addition of a sympathetically styled loft conversion and with careful planning and selection, a loft conversion can actually improve the look of any building.

So for a very reasonable investment it is possible to not only raise the potential sale price of your home but also to improve its functionality and its appearance. What’s not to love?

So how much value will my loft conversion add?

People often talk about how a new kitchen or bathroom can increase the value of your home but the latest figures show that of all home improvements you could make, loft conversions are the top choice.

Look at these figures which illustrate how much various home improvements can improve the value of your property.

  • Loft Conversion: 10%
  • Extra bathroom: 6.10%
  • New kitchen: 5.8%
  • Central heating: 5.40%

Loft conversions add a whopping 10% to your property’s value! That’s a considerable amount and the reason behind it, is of course the fact that while the population is growing, housing is scarce.

People who might once have purchased a large, semi-detached or detached property are now looking for more economical options and a terraced house with a loft conversion will often fit the bill perfectly.

If you’ve been dallying when it comes to committing to a loft conversion, now’s the time to act.

Why not browse our loft conversion gallery to see just how beautiful loft conversions can be and how much style they can bring to an average home?

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