Loft Conversions:The Perfect Home Office

March 14, 2016 3:06 pm

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The rise in people working from home has been huge in recent years thanks to the realisation that the internet allows work of many types to be done remotely.

In the UK alone there are now more than 4.2 million people working from home either self-employed or employed. These figures mean that no fewer than 13.7% of people are now working from the comfort of their own homes.

That’s an enormous amount and the growth has been welcomed by ecological groups because of the decrease in commuters it has precipitated. Fewer commuters means fewer carbon emissions and of course that’s a good thing in terms of the caring for the planet.

How the work-from-home trend has affected the general public

Millions of people working from home are enjoying a better lifestyle and a much less stressful working day. A better work-life balance means that people are also performing more effectively, which in turn is encouraging more and more employers of all sizes to offer employees the opportunity to work from home.

What this also means though is that more and more people are finding the need for a designated workspace in their own homes. Setting up shop on the kitchen or dining room table might work if you live alone, but even then it is difficult to be really effective when you are in an environment which you would usually associate with eating, cooking or relaxing.

This has meant that many people are seeking to maximise the available space in their homes in order to provide a professional and dedicated place in which they can work.

Why loft conversions make the perfect home office

Spacious, warm and physically removed from the rest of the household, a loft conversion makes the perfect spot to hole-up and really get down to work.

Light and airy, they offer a great environment in which to concentrate for long periods of time without the distractions offered by the rest of the household.

Because loft conversions are very affordable and often do not need planning permission, you can save some of your budget to fit out your conversion with a beautiful desk, a great PC and some nice seating.

Not to forget that when you eventually retire, you can convert your home office into a guest room or a hobby room and what’s more you’ll have added a chunk onto the value of your home too!

If you’re considering a loft conversion to enable you to work more effectively from home, why not contact Loftworld today to learn more about the various styles we offer?

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