Barnet Loft Conversions: Why Upsize?

February 6, 2016 1:00 am

Many residents are considering upsizing to a loft conversion in Barnet, rather than moving. It’s a great place to live. In the latest 2015 Resident’s Perception Survey, 88% of residents said that they were satisfied with living in Barnet. With advantages such as quick transportation links to Central London, great schools and safe neighbourhoods, this does not come as a surprise.

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The area has a number of beautiful Victorian homes and classic yet progressive feel.  For example, this spring it will boast the first older women’s co-housing unit in the UK.  Below, please find the reasons many Barnet homeowners are choosing to upsize.

Why Upsize to a Loft Conversion?

The benefits of upsizing include increasing the value of your home by 1/5 of its current price, avoiding moving costs, and remaining in an area that you and your family love.  According to Rightmove’s moving cost calculator, the cost of moving to a different home in Barnet includes:

  • a stamp duty of 12,500
  • legal fees of 2,250.00
  • other costs 2,250.00

This equates to a minimum total of £13,000.00. Other moving costs which may occur include disconnections, a safety gas check, changing the locks, cost of removals, service charges and miscellaneous fees. Then there are additional costs which could include storage, moving fees, early mortgage repayment charges and insurance. This can really add up.

Instead, why not consider a loft conversion? New planning rules announced by George Osborne are scheduled to reduce the need for planning approvals in London, which will make it easier than ever to build a loft conversion. You get the benefits of more space, without the hassle of relocating.

Finding the Right Builder

We do recommend researching your choice of loft conversion companies before you decide. You need an expert with experience to provide quality workmanship at an honest price. Ask a lot of questions about things like additional costs and whether you will have to hire a skip independently to remove rubbish. The better informed you are about your loft conversion company, the more satisfied you are set to be upon completion.

At Loftworld, we are always available to answer your questions. For more information or to schedule your next project, please contact Loftworld today.


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