The Internet of Things in Your Loft: Smart Conversions are Here

February 2, 2016 11:37 am

If you love the sound of hi-tech homes and the Internet of Things, a smart loft could be a great way to start connecting your home and making the most of the latest technology. It’s not as complex as turning your whole house into a connected home and can give you a sample of the possibilities before you commit to something bigger. Here are just a few of the options

Smart loft

Smart Loft Windows

Velux has a huge range of electric and safety windows that ensure your loft is warm, secure, and dry. INTEGRA roof windows can be mains or solar-powered and include pre-defined programmes so that you can programme the windows to open and close at particular times, close when they sense it’s raining or windy, or close the windows by pressing a ‘leaving home’ button in your hallway.

Control Your Lights from Your Mobile

LED lightbulbs such as Hue by Philips let you control your lighting via WiFi, so you can change the colour of your loft conversion lights for different moods or lighting conditions. Then you just use your mobile phone or tablet to change the lights. This technology isn’t particularly new, it’s been around since 2012, but still feels like the future.

Play Music Throughout Your Home

If you love your music, you may want to install a WiFi speaker system in your home. It’s one of the easiest things to install in your home, and you can either just add the speakers to your loft conversion or set up speakers in every room so that the whole house benefits. Companies like Sonos and Raumfield offer high quality speakers in a variety of sizes that you can control via a mobile app.

Install Smart Vents to Control Your Temperature

Lofts are typically a little warmer than the rest of the home because heat rises into the loft space. Installing smart vents in your loft rooms can help to regulate temperatures by creating room-zoned systems that balance the heat throughout your home. Keen Home Smart Vents are specifically created to improve airflow in rooms that are usually too hot, too cold, or not in use so they’re perfect for loft conversions that may be a little too warm.


These are just a few of the options currently on the market – you can add these to your loft conversion or your entire home, depending on your preferences and budget. We’ve found that once customers try out a few smart solutions in the loft, they want to install them in the whole house!

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