5 Reasons To Convert Your Loft in the Winter

January 10, 2016 2:00 am

This may sound counterintuitive but it’s actually a great idea to convert your loft in the winter months. Here are five reasons why.

British Winters are Relatively Mild

winter in Britain

I know that this isn’t the general consensus, but comparatively speaking, Britain has a much more temperate climate than neighbouring countries.  This may put your mind to ease in terms of whether winter is the right time to build.  Loft conversion experts are experienced in building under all types of seasonal conditions.

Heat Loss is Prevented Through Proper Sealing Prior To Construction

sealing loft, insulation

An experienced loft conversion company with not your energy bills rise any more than usual in the winter.  This is because an expert knows how to effectively seal a loft conversion prior to conducting exterior work.

Save on Your Energy Bills Sooner

loft insulation

Don’t spend another winter with lousy insulation.  A BBC article reveals that most energy is lost through a home’s roof and windows.  This can be addressed and corrected easily by an experienced loft conversion specialist.  The sooner the problem is corrected, the sooner you can begin to save on your energy bills.

Have More Time To Enjoy Your Loft in The Summer Months

finished loft bedroom in grey tones

Getting your loft conversion built in the winter will enable you to enjoy it in the summer.  If you put the project off, you may be spending some of your coveted summer holiday without a finished loft in which to entertain, work, work out or relax in.

You Have A Better Chance of Scheduling a Loft Conversion in the Winter

writing with pencil on calendar

Scheduling a loft conversion is going to be easier in the winter, simply because less people are doing so.  A trend has developed without reason for converting in the summer.  By choosing to get your loft converted in the winter, you are assured more options in terms of scheduling.  This is true for any loft conversion company.

Need information about converting your loft or want to schedule your next project?  Contact Loftworld today.

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