5 Holiday Decoration Ideas For Your Loft

November 28, 2015 6:00 am

Looking for ways to decorate your loft for the holidays? Experiment with these 5 suggestions for some holiday cheer and innovative decor.

One Tree is Never Enough

sticks on a wall at different sizes to create a Christmas tree shape with decorations and lights

Found on buzzfeed.com

Don’t be sparing with the number of Christmas trees in your home. Take different sizes of wooden branches and fasten them to your wall to create a Christmas tree shape. Next, decorate with a small string of lights and ornaments that hang from the branches. Birch looks lovely, but most types of timber will suffice. This decoration is gorgeous and saves tons of space.

Create a Star of David on your Loft Walls

Star of David made from branches fastened to interior walls and decorated with white lights

Found on buzzfeed.com

This minimalist Star of David is perfect for Hannukkah. Thin branches wrapped in simple white lights will create an elegant effect which your friends and family will love.

 Get Quirky With Alternative Christmas Trees

an opened ladder decorated with lights and ornaments to look like a Christmas tree

Found on blogs.babble.com

Try this alternative Christmas tree idea. Open up a ladder and decorate it with fairy lights. Hang ornaments from the lights. The effect is a combination of industrial and magical. You won’t even need a ladder to hang the star.

Minimalist Menorahs That Add Elegance To Your Loft

minimalist menorah laser cut from stainless steel

Found on etsy.com

Designs like this swirl menorah created by Melanie Dankowicz can set an elegant tone in your loft. In interior design, this is known as a statement piece. The gentle laser cut swirls gracefully support simple circular candle holders. With work like this, you can add brilliant light to your holidays and your loft conversion.

Fairy Lights Can Help Your Loft Shine

Fairy lights are the basis for solid holiday decor. One of the best things about them is that they don’t take up a lot of space; fairy lights are perfect for loft conversions. They are also functional in that they brighten up your loft while setting the tone for celebration.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these holiday decor tips for your loft conversion. Let us know of your favourite holiday loft decorations. As always, for information on loft conversions or to schedule a consultation, contact Loftworld.

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