9 Unusual Lights For Your Loft Conversion

November 22, 2015 12:48 pm

Lofts are the perfect space to be a bit daring with your lighting fixtures.  Here are 9 of our favourite recent examples of unusual loft lighting.

Is that a Blimp In your Loft?

ceiling lamp in the shape of a blimp

Found on huffingtonpost.com

No one will believe that there’s a blimp in your loft until they see this creative fixture. Full size chains create an anchoring effect that is both original and delightful.

Cutlery and Teacup Chandeliers

montage of four chandeliers made from cutlery and one made from tea cups and cutlery

Found on cupcakesforbreakfast.com

There’s a lot to love about these teacup and cutlery chandeliers. They are perfect to suspend from the apex of your loft or hang above your dining room table.

Tramp Lamps to Spice up Your Loft

lamps made from corsets

Found on kitschyliving.tumblr.com

These racy lamps are handmade from old fashioned and modern corsets. Though not for everyone, there is a significant market for these lights which are being created and collected by the dozen. Lofts are perfect for items like this, which may not necessary meet with nan’s approval, but definitely light up a room.

Minimalist Wall Pallet Lamp

Floor lamp made from recycled wood pallets

Found on idlights.com

Sometimes the simplest lighting concepts are the most successful. This wall pallet lamp is made from recycled wood pallet. Two pallets are juxtaposed to create this industrial, yet functional floor lamp.

Grater Lamps to Brighten your Kitchen

lamps made from recycled graters

Found on recyclart.org

Recyclart.org makes these suspended lamps from recycled graters. They have our vote for both innovation and environmentally friendly décor.

Wall Lamp That Doubles As a Message Board

lamp in the shape of a talking bubble in which you can write messages

Found on huffingtonpost.com

This wall lamp is useful and creative. Use a dry erase pen to leave notes and messages for yourself and your loved ones.

Bicycle Lamp Made from Recyclable Material

wall lamp made from a full size bicycle with Christmas lights on the wheels

Found on recyclart.org

San Francisco Bay artist is responsible for this full sized bicycle wall light. White Christmas lights line each recycled wheel.

Wall Light That You Can Peel

light that you can peel from your wall to adjust

Found on huffingtonpost.com

This light is completely adjustable. Simply peel back for as much or as little light as you require. It gives the impression of a fantastic glowing world beyond your loft walls.

Cereal Lamp Wins Points for Unique Concept and Materials

lamp that looks like a bowl of cereal

Found on huffingtonpost.com

Just touch the spoon to activate this unusual light. Oddly enough, it is even made from real cereal.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of unusual lighting.  Try something similar in your own loft!

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