How To Recognise a Roofing Scam

November 16, 2015 9:00 am

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Roofing scams are increasing in the UK and local Councillors are warning residents to be on guard.  Here’s some information about rogue roofers and how to avoid a roofing scam.

What is a Rogue Roofer?

Rogue roofers are scam artists who prey on vulnerable home owners by offering bogus deals for unnecessary repairs.  In many cases, the elderly are conned out of several hundreds or even thousands of pounds through these scams.

Typical Rogue Roofing Scams

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The following is a common roofing scam scenario.  A ‘roofer’ or a group of ‘roofers’ shows up at your home suddenly. They tell you that they drove by and noticed a problem that they will offer to correct on the spot.  For example, they claim that your existing roof tiles have deteriorated and warn of the risk of water damage should it not be repaired immediately.  Rogue traders will pressure victims by claiming repairs are urgent.

Then a discount will be offered.  Rogue roofers often offer a bogus ‘deal’ by suggesting a much reduced price from an extremely high initial quote. They’ll ask for cash and often for money up front.

Rogue roofers may have business cards or even arrive in a van with a roofing company logo on it.  They can look quite official and carry tools on them to perpetuate the scam.

Who Rogue Roofers Target

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Unfortunately rogue roofers target the vulnerable; often victims of this scam are elderly pensioners who are frightened.   They believe that the trader is legitimately trying to help.

What The Law Says About Rogue Roofers

Since 2014, the law in the UK has stated that there has to be a ‘cooling off’ period of 7 days between a quote being given and the work being started.  Be very wary of anyone who offers to start immediately.  Be extremely cautious of anyone who shows up at your door uninvited.  Especially be on guard if they request cash on the spot.  Even be wary of cold callers who contact you and offer discounts.

Authenticate Roofing Work

If you need roofing work done you should choose a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.  Loftworld has membership to this accreditation and also has a 9.9 score on  Visit our website to check our testimonials.

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