Loft Conversions With Accent Walls That Make A Statement

November 2, 2015 1:21 pm

Accent walls have a different design, texture or colour than the remaining walls in the room.  Here are some design ideas for accent walls that you will love.

Accent Loft Walls To Add A Splash of Bright Colour

loft with a teal accent wall

In this example, painting all four walls a bright teal may be overwhelming for a home owner.  Painting just one wall makes the colour stand out without overpowering your aesthetic boundaries.  The pitch of the roof in this loft also creates a stylish diagonal line that is accentuated by the colour shift.

Stencils Add Cheerful Accent Walls To Nursery Lofts

loft nursery with a blue accent wall with white clouds on it

Use stencils or even wall decals to create friendly shapes in your nursery loft.  This example shows cheerful clouds added by home owners to the accent wall.  With stencil decals, they were easily able to paint these light-hearted shapes.  The effect is jovial and bright.

Children’s Loft Rooms Are The Perfect Places For Accent Walls

children's room with bright yellow accent wall

This children’s bedroom loft is complemented by a bright mustard yellow accent wall.  The accent wall gives the room a cheerful feel.  White surrounding walls help the colour to stand out amiably.

Natural Colours On Loft Accent Walls Create A Relaxing Effect

taupe accent wall in bedroom loft

Accent walls do not need to be bright in order to make a statement.  A minimal taupe accent wall gives this minimalist loft bedroom a peaceful atmosphere.

Accent Walls Can Include The Ceiling

large empty loft with dark timber ceiling and support beams

This spin on accent walls includes a dark timber ceiling, and support beams that stand out against the remaining white walls and oatmeal coloured flooring of this loft.  The effect is an extremely sophisticated room with a world of possibility.

Accent walls can be an important part of your loft design.  These were just a few examples  you may want to try within your own loft.

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