Why You Should Convert Your Loft Into A Recording Studio

October 30, 2015 2:00 am

Lofts are great spaces to build a recording studio.  Read on to find out why!

mixing table with a hand mixing the sounds

The Climate In A Loft is Better For Recording Equipment

Your equipment is safest from damp in a well insulated loft. Penetrating damp is less likely to exist in a loft than in a basement or ground floor level room. Instruments and recording equipment can be worth tens of thousands of pounds; climate is therefore extremely important. For the best climate for your equipment, utilise your loft.

Sound Proofing is Easier Than You Think

sound proofing in a recording studio with a microphone

We can advise you on the best building boards, absorbers and bass traps which can minimise the loss of space while ensuring sound proofing. You can use acoustic glass instead of blocking up windows for soundproofing. You can build an acoustic box over air vents simply and easily. Many of the materials are inexpensive, such as acoustic foam and other forms of sound insulation.

Your Equipment Is Safest From Theft In a Loft

Your recording equipment is safer in a loft for practical reasons. The loft is the space that is furthest from the front door and the least likely  to be used for to store expensive items. Burglars don’t typically enter a loft, because most people use this room for storage. The substantial investment in your equipment is safest from theft in a loft.

Lofts Are Great For Acoustics

a guitar next to a set of headphones

The shape of a loft is ideal for acoustics! Pitch slope and height, when paired with the right sound proofing materials, can enhance the quality of sound for your recordings.  Individual recording rooms can also be constructed fairly easily, each of which will also lend itself to great sound.

Recording Studios Do Not Require a Lot of Space

a lit sign that says 'recording'

Recording studios are perfect for lofts because there isn’t a lot of space required to make a studio work. You can also take advantage of smaller spaces such as roof eaves to situate seated equipment like drums, mixing desks and computers.

Loft conversions are ideal for recording studios.We hope this article has helped to convince you of the endless possibilities for converting your loft.

For more information on loft conversions, please contact Loftworld.

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