Loft Conversion Help Keep Families Together!

October 22, 2015 10:34 am

There’s a shortage of property in London, a spiraling cost of childcare and an ageing population with a longer lifespan than ever.  By 2019, the Intergenerational Foundation think tank estimates that the number of three generations households in the UK will reach 556,000.

This is no bad thing, just a shift in cultural housing trends that is similar to Britain’s southern European counterparts.  What’s the solution?  We can’t help thinking that the solution is to build a loft conversion.  Here are four examples of how loft conversions can help bring your family together.

Convert Your Loft Into A Suite For Your Parents

en-suite loft conversion with skylights

Perhaps you would like your parents to move in with you but you are wondering where they can stay comfortably.  A loft en-suite would solve this problem beautifully.

Loft Conversions Can Create A Lovely Nursery

Nursery in a loft

Thinking of starting a family? Nursery lofts are a brilliant solution to your space issues.  They are well lit (with the options of black out blinds for slumber), and have plenty of space to relax with the newest member of your family.

Convert Your Loft Into A Home Office

a modern home office in a loft

Need a place in which you can work from home?  The dining room table is hardly a quiet, professional place to work.  Lofts provide a reflective space in which you can focus on work and being productive.

Convert Your Loft Into a Family Room

a family room in a spacious loft conversion

A loft conversion can provide space for the family to relax and for you to entertain guests in a serene environment.  Lofts are away from the path of noisy household traffic.  With proper insulation you can create a charming, quiet place where your family and friends can unwind.

We hope this has given you some ideas about family-friendly loft conversions.  For more information about loft conversions, contact Loftworld today.



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