5 Benefits Of Having A Wetroom In Your Loft

October 19, 2015 9:30 am


There are several benefits to having a wetroom installed in your loft conversion. Read on for five of the main advantages.

Wetrooms Are Entirely Waterproof

Victorian style wetroom in a loft conversion.

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There are several benefits to having a wetroom in your loft conversion. First, the whole room is completely waterproof. This includes all of the walls and the floor. The walls are treated and tiled to keep damp from entering the structure of your home. This give you a lot of freedom- you don’t need a shower tray as the water will drain through the floor.

Wetrooms Add Value To Your Home

wetroom in a loft conversion with timber ceiling

Wetrooms have increased in popularity in the last five years. Having a wetroom can increase the value of your home by several thousand pounds. For a fraction of this added value, you can install a wetroom that your family will enjoy and future buyers will appreciate.

Wet Rooms Create Space In Lofts

Shower cubicles can take up space. With wetrooms, you don’t require cubicles or shower trays because the flow of water does not need to be contained. In lofts, space is often limited and every advantage helps. A wetroom provides an uninterrupted plane which creates the effect of spaciousness, even in bathrooms that are small.

Wets Rooms Are All On One Level

This is ideal for people with disabilities or those that are elderly. Often it is difficult to navigate climbing over a shower tray or into a bathtub. With wetrooms, you can have the option of installing a shower as well as, or instead of a bathtub that will accommodate people with physical challenges. Also, the mosaic tiles that are used in wetrooms have a naturally anti-slip surface. This provides peace of mind to home owners.

Wet Rooms Are Inherently Stylish

wetroom in loft conversion

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The minimalist simplicity of a wet room is naturally aesthetically pleasing. This may be due to a lack of clutter induced by having to install a show tray or cubicle. Sometimes the simplest designs are truly the best.

For more information on installing a wetroom in your loft conversion, contact Loftworld today.

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