Halloween Decorations To Compliment Your New Loft Conversion

October 16, 2015 8:01 pm

Lofts are perfect for ghostly décor. There is something about this space that lends itself to mysterious themes. Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or just celebrating the season, these supernatural decorating ideas will help you get your loft into the right mood.

Pumpkins Are Classically Creepy

a halloween jack-o-lantern carved to look like its eating another smaller jack-o-lantern

Pumpkins are an essential part of any Halloween décor.   This jack-o’-lantern is our favourite example of a perfectly spooky pumpkin prop.  Pumpkins are a fine addition to any theme party.  They are also fun for the whole family to create together.  See what you can come up with to decorate your own loft.

Cobwebs For Bookshelves and Loft Eaves

cobwebs decorating a shelf for Halloween

Cobwebs are an inexpensive way to give your loft an ominous presence.  They are best applied to areas with texture, such as bookshelves, crown moulding and wall sconces.  Pick up some cobwebs at any pound store and use them liberally- they are perfect for a creepy effect.

Simplicity Can Make The Spookiest Statements

stairway decorated with candles for Halooween


This stairway is a perfect example of minimalistic design success.  Floor lights that are well placed along the edges of a stairway can create a masterful and spine-chilling effect.  Pick up some antique candlestick holders at a charity or antique shop and compliment your banisters with some artificial vines mixed with fairy lights.

Utilise Your Windows With Scary Halloween Decals

Halloween window decals shaped like crows


Window decals have come a long way!  They are intricate, easy to apply and relatively inexpensive.  These window decals are an example of brilliantly eerie design.

Don’t Forget The  Halloween Nibbles!

halloween nibbles shaped like fingers in a bowl

Food can complement any Halloween design.  Don’t forget to look up some spooky recipes for nibbles that you can offer in your loft on end tables and mantelpieces.

We hope this has given you some scary ideas for Halloween loft decorations.  Try a few of them and see if you can’t impress your guests with an unearthly experience.

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