4 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Loft Conversion in Hertfordshire

September 15, 2015 12:56 pm

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Getting a loft conversion can add up to 30% more space onto your home as well as increasing your house’s value by up to £37,000. The actual build process can take as little as 6 weeks, but it’s important that you do all of the necessary planning and paperwork to ensure that you’re allowed to build it and it adheres to your local authority’s requirements.

Since building a loft conversion differs so much for different areas, we have put together a short guide for our clients in Hertfordshire. Here’s what you need to know.

1. You Can Build a Loft Conversion Without Planning Permission

Loft conversions often don’t require planning permission if they meet the requirements for a planned development. This does place restrictions on the type of loft conversion, position of windows, and materials used, but does mean that you can start building a lot sooner and don’t need to go through the planning application process.

However, if you are in a new build you may have had permitted developments removed as part of the planning agreement. It’s also possible that your house has exhausted its allowed permitted developments (especially if you’ve had a garage or extension added to the existing design).

2. You May Be Limited in the Type of Loft Conversion  You’re Allowed

Hertfordshire has a lot of listed buildings and conservation areas where it’s harder to make changes to buildings. If you have a listed home, you will need listed building consent rather than standard planning permission. If you are in a conservation area, it’s likely that you can still build a loft conversion but will be limited to a particular type and will need to take care to ensure that the materials you use are just right and don’t make a significant change to the exterior of your home.

3. You Can Book a Pre-Application Meeting to Discuss Your Options

Loftworld works with architectural partners in Hertfordshire to ensure that you have the best chance of success and building the loft conversion you really want. But if you prefer to handle the planning application process yourself, you can book a pre-application meeting with your local authority to go through what is and isn’t realistic. This is particularly useful if you’d like an unusual feature such as a balcony or want to build a Mansard loft conversion which requires extensive changes to your home’s exterior. These meetings are chargeable, but they’re extremely valuable for novice applicants.

4. You May Need Planning Permission for Dormer Windows or Skylights

Permitted developments do allow certain Dormers and skylights, but if you want these to project more than 150mm from your existing roof plane or project beyond the highest part of your roof you will also need to submit an application for planning consent. This is also required if you live in an Article 4 Direction Area.





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