How to Dress a Velux Window

June 2, 2015 8:53 am

When you’re decorating your loft conversion, creating an attractive window dressing for your Velux windows can be one of the biggest challenges and something that people struggle with the most. Velux do sell a range of blinds that fit the windows perfectly and compliment your interior, but a lot of our clients want to add a more personal touch to their interiors.

Luckily, there are a number of options to add personal blinds or even curtains to the windows on your slanted wall.

Traditional Curtains on a Velux Window

Curtains on a velux window Adding curtains to a Velux window is actually a lot easier than people realise. You simply hang the curtain normally above the window and add another curtain rail or pole just below the window to make sure that the curtain follows the line of your wall rather than just hanging straight down. This way, you can draw your curtains easily and keep them out of the way.

Fully Secured Curtain

twocurtainrailcurtainsSmaller loft conversions usually can’t spare the space for curtains to drape to the floor, especially if you have furtniture directly below the window. Luckily, fully secured curtains don’t take up much space and they’re just as easy to fit as the traditional curtain. Instead of draping the fabric behind the second curtain rail, you just cut it to size and stitch the curtain in place so you can move it along the pole to draw it. It’s important to fit curtain rails that are twice the length of the window so that you can move the fabric completely out of the way when you need to let light in.

Modern Blindsvelux window blind

You can fit this modern blind either instead of or in addition to Velux’s usual fitted blinds. it adds a bit of softness to the lines around the window but you can pin it out of the way when the blind is open, or secure it completely when you want to block out the light.

Thank you to House to Home for the images and ideas.


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